Гдз Laser B1 Student S Book

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Гдз Laser B1 Student S Book

Grammar: present simple and present continuous / stative verbs

Lexis: patterns / education vocabulary Reading skills: scanning for specific information

Listening skills: listening for specific information Speaking skills: giving personal information

Writing skills: paragraphing / informal letter

Pronunciation skills: / I / and / i… / recognition

• Ask students what the unit title is.

• Elicit the meaning of welcome and ask them what back refers to.

• Elicit any other expressions they know with back (eg come back, give back ).

• Elicit suggestions as to what the unit is about (school and education).

Aim: to introduce the topic of the unit through personal responses

• Ask students to write down all the subjects they do at school. You may wish to set a time limit of one or two minutes for this.

• Ask them to number them in the order in which they enjoy them most (‘1’ for their favourite, ‘2’ for their next favourite, etc).

• Give students a short time to discuss the questions in pairs or in small groups.

• Ask two or three students to tell you their three favourite subjects.

• Elicit from them why they like one or two of these subjects.

• Write some of their answers on the board.

Students’ answers, eg Science is fun., History is interesting.

• Ask two or three students to tell you their least favourite subjects.

• Elicit from them why they don’t like them.

• Write some of their answers on the board.

Students’ answers, eg English is difficult., Maths is boring.

• Tell the class you are going to do a survey to see which subjects are the most and least popular.

• Write a vertical list of about six subjects that have been mentioned by students on the board, then two more columns, one with a smiley face at the top, another with a non-smiley face at the top.

(subjects should be ones that have come up in the lesson

– see example table)

• Ask Whose favourite subject is (eg) maths?

• Count the number of students who raise their hands and write this number next to maths in the table on the board, in the column with the smiley face.

• Do the same for the other subjects.

• Now go through the subjects in the same way, this time asking

Whose least favourite subject is (eg) maths? and write the scores under the non-smiley face in the table.

• Elicit an interpretation of the results from students, asking

Which is the class’s favourite subject? and Which is the class’s least favourite subject?

• PE is the abbreviation used to refer to physical education lessons in British schools.

Aim: to give practice in scanning a text for specific information

1 • Briefly revise countries and nationalities by asking students where they are from and what nationality they are.

(countries and nationalities of students in class) eg

• Ask students to look at the photos of the four children they are going to read about and guess where they might be from.

• Go through the table with students and explain that the missing information is to be found in the text they are going to read.

• Give students about two or three minutes to scan the text for the information they need to complete the table.Tell them not to read everything in detail, but just to focus on the specific information they need.

• Elicit answers orally and write them on the board if you wish.

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